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Just wondering what the 4-cycle guys would think about restricting the type of rain tires rather than leaving it open. I know it's expensive to have a special set of tires sitting on the sideline just in case, but we did have a lot of rain threats last year. I'd be a bit more willing to come and fight it out in the rain if our class was on the same tires. Wanted to throw it out there.

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Is there one brand that performs better than the others?

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I'm sure there is, just not sure which ones. We'll have to wait and see if some of the experienced guys give their 2 may not even be a reasonable idea since we don't have a set rain tire in place already. 

I think Maxxis has a rain tire, but I'm not sure how it ranks. Furthermore, I haven't heard if the SLR's are even what we're running as the norm for 2015. 

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I'd say leave it open so that we can buy the cheap castoffs from the national racers and not worry about brand.  Drivers are so inexperienced in the rain that I'm pretty sure tire brand and the .004 difference will be less factor than the guys behind the wheel.... [smile]

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....there is day and night difference in rain tires. Last year rule was open tire so when new people showed up they could run what they had in a slick/rain tire without being disqualified....i think if someone needs to buy a set, then they need to purchase the maxxis rain tire from the track since they sponsor the series and you can't buy a new set anywhere cheaper....most have converted to the maxxis rain tire.i would think they will leave the tire rule open but no more than those rain tires cost,I would hope the racers would buy from the series sponsor if possible

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Maxxis rains are required this year for the Lo206 Class.  David has them in stock at the shop.  They are actually quite inexpensive as well...
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