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pdf Class Structure pdf.pdf    

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I'm curious about the class structure. Specifically the difference in Jr1 vs cadet in regards to the 4 stoke class. Looked at the class structure in the pdf that indicated 1 class then the points were awarded to two different classes and finally was told today after leaving the track my daughter received 1st place today because she is in her own class. So there are 3 classes with 3 participants each having own class?Running a blue plate clone at 265 lbs and she is 11 years old. What class are we in? Please present the rules so we can choose which class to run in. If I have overlooked information please forgive me. I did read the pdf attached to this thread.
Randy Lambert

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I have yet to race at CMP, but I'm hoping to come out this weekend to race LO206.
I have two questions.
Sunoco Gas-How do I show that I bought it at the station next to the track, and that it is the gas I am using to race?
Tech-Once I fill out the checklist and sign it, who do I give it to?


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unless something has changed and it hasnt been announced, you can get gas at the Solo station also (93 octane for the 206 and 87 for the clone)the tank closest to the track has/had a WKA sticker on it. this is just my opinion but when you get gas of either octane, i would pull my car up there and run a gallon or two off in the car before i put it in my race jug so it wont be contaminated with whatever octane that was used  prior to your gas purchase. on the kart tech question, just push your kart to the left hand corner of the grid--closest end to the big track...looking for the dog kennel in that corner and either Kevin or Jason will be there to tech your kart.

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Thanks Todd, I appreciate your answering my rookie questions.
As much as I hate to miss another one, I am in too much pain to come out and play. My hip replacement mid May will hopefully cure my pain. Plus, with the extra hardware, I can take a pound or two off my kart! So its all good.
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