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If I had a 2001 crg stone chassis shifter kart, would it be hard to convert to clone? Could I just put clone engine on it, and remove the front brake setup and be good to go?

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Not sure about the brake but I just did a CRG to clone. B testing it tomorrow down at CMP and down there again on Sunday with my daughter. If you need them I've got a. Spare set of none braked   CRG spindles.
As a matter of fact, I've got Crg Kalifornia frame I've already done to fit a clone. If you haven't  bought anything yet let me know and Ill start on that one as soon as I finish this one up (in about a week or so).

Bruce J

Bruce Jones

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Measure from the leading edge of the bearing hanger (motor side) to the cross bar under the back of the seat that runs at a diagonal toward that hanger.....see how many inches apart in relationship the two are if that makes sense to you the way i ask that
if that bar goes right to the hanger then it will be hard to get a gear to clear or you will be limited to a smaller gear with limited changes unless you use a jack shaft....everything else about the kart should be adjustable for starting
that bar can be moved if you are all about just using that frame and to free the kart up. Bruce done a real nice job on his CRG.
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