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Does anyone else have interest in either of the two? I'm cool with keeping the clone but the LO 206 seems appealing... Also if clone is staying and going to essentially a club class we should get together as a group and discuss options at the next event... I for one would love to see an open tire rule or spec a tire from Maxxis... They have plenty of sets for a $100 bill through Goldspeed here in SC. May even be able to work a deal! Class sponsor? That's the only way my kid will see new tires! Now is the time to address a change if change is needed!
Randy Lambert

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See my post a little further on down about rules and next season. I was planning on having my kart ready for the outing this past weekend, but missed by a few days.

Looks like I will be ready for the last race of the season.

I honestly don't know if there is much interest or not. I am tooled up to run clone and that is my preference. Some of the guys I have raced with in the past are hot and bothered to run the Pro Gas class and may be gearing up to do so.

I would like to think that we could get together as a group (clone racers) and try to come up with some things that make sense. I would like to see the tire rule opened up to maybe allow HG1's. Go maybe 4.5 up front and 6.5 out back IF we could get some preferred pricing on them.

Nevertheless, it will be an exciting year coming up.


If you're gonna be dumb; you better be tough!!!

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I still have clones too but the mixing of the clone and the LO206 should be considered.....the Pro Gas is in a league of its own...the Sr class ran 53 second lap times. im good with the majority on a spec tire also. open tire will definately increase your cost in club racing and a harder compound tire will increase the chance of prep. i see that you are looking at the maxxis HG3 for $25 apiece and is prolly a good tire(just a harder compound and a chance to prep to get the tire to fire off and it wont show up on a durometer)  there was somebody that was trying to get a maxxis sprint series going with the green maxxis SLR just dont know what happened to that series.....but you can get in touch with goldspeed and see if they might put up some contingency money if you win with their tire over the bridgestones. this will give you something to think about before saturday gets here. hope everybody makes it


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Hi Guys,
It was good to meet some of you at the race Sat.
and I can't wait til we can get out there and race.

As far as the motors and classes go, even though we're new to kart racing,
I'm in favor Of including as many cars,motors, and drivers as possible. The more the better.

Look for me and Krista down at the track the first Sunday its not raining!

Bruce J

Bruce Jones
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