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I've heard through the grapevine that there are some possible modifications to the LO206 that can increase hp by about 1hp while keeping the seal intact. I'm new to karting, so that may not be a big deal, but the engineer in me says that's roughly a 10% gain...that's a good bit (I'd love it if my bank account grew 10% with a few adjustments).

It's troubling because I thought, in addition to increased reliability, the LO206 was close to "cheater-proof" (since there's really no such thing). 

Just food for thought since I'm not yet well-versed enough to put in a full two cents. Mountain out a mole hill? Perhaps, but we all know that if there is any truth to it, the eventual mindset is "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em."

Either way, I'll be on the track this weekend. See y'all Saturday.

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Don't believe everything you hear.

No system is fool proof but the 206 program is about as good as you can get. Truth is, if someone needs to win so bad they have to cheat well....have at it.

I mean if you don't have the talent, brains, or determination to win legaly and you have to cheat to make yourself feel better well...OK.

The question you have to ask yourself is do you really think any of the guys you race with at CMP at cheating? Personally, I don't.

See ya Saturday!

Bruce Jones

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Very good point! Your question pretty much answers mine; I have to agree with you there. 

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I have heard some of those comments as well. For the first race i put oil in the 206. bolted on the header. and raced.... Doesnt get any better than that. The new tire makes a big difference too. I think it helped level the playing field for the different types of karts. My dinosaur vs new birels... I think CMP hit a home run with the package! See ya Sat!!

Jeremy Ghent
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