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I am interested in in learning about what kind of pack each class of karts have at the CMP races. I am strongly leaning towards open shifter kart class because they seem to be the cheapest of the fast classes, but I dont know how many people show up for those races at CMP?

Also I have a buddy who is pretty serious about getting into open shifter class as well, so that means there would be 2 new drivers at least!

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Believe me, shifters are not at all the cheapest 2 cycle class at all. The only shifter engines that can be cheaper to keep are the stock Hondas and they are not cheap to buy at all. Other than that shifters are very agressive on tires so tire budget is gonna be more expensive. JMO
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Hey! welcome to CMP forum and im glad that you and your friend are interested in sprint racing. im just asking what your definition of "newbie wanting to get into karting" is because if you have never raced a kart i would like for you and your friend to have a good experience with karting instead of jumping in and having a bad, expensive experience regardless of any class at CMP. you can go to or call the shop and they usually have some kind of 2cycle for sale that somebody has jumped into or lost interest in the sport. there werent any shifters, that i can remember and i might be wrong,that raced this year. last year a couple of local guys had them and raced a few times but not this year. "IF" yall havent done any sprint racing, i would hope that yall would start out small and work ur way up. CMP is working on improving the 4cycle structure for 2014. there is a 4 cycle class that is close to lap times of the rotax,with the feel of that speed you are looking for. two of them new, race ready doesnt cost much more  than one new race ready rotax, and definately less maintainence and expense. this is the best class coming for the money. this is just something to think about when it comes to 2 cycles....i would choose the rotax over the shifter and the TAG over the rotax if you are thinking about expenses...there will be more competition in the rotax but will cost more in the long run because just anybody cant rebuild the motor....i think the TAG class will grow if CMP and Mooresville will run the same tire. all of this is just my opinion and not neccesary right but regardless we want you racing at CMP at your choice of class having a good racing experience!!!
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