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This is a good deal for anyone looking to get into the 4 cycle classes on the cheap. I have two Early Trick Chassis one is an Untouchable (two frame rails on the right side) and a Trick 095. These were predecessors to the offset chassis of today.

Both have 1 1/4 axles, with a left side adjustable cassette, seat struts and were upgraded to Phantom Banshee (pill adjustable) spindles. The tubing is 1 1/8 inches. I bough these chassis with the intention of building them to run the Clone class at CMP, but am now thinking of going a different direction. 

Chassis will need bodywork, seats, engines, wheels and tires. But have seat struts, steerign shafts, bumpers and nerfs.  I can send pics if you are interested. I am somewhat motivated to move these as I would like to free up the cash for a different project.

I also have some other items that I woudl like to sell aimed more at the budget minded. Stuff like Digatron tachs, Data logger, stinger shoe clutch, Magnum Shoe clutch, 35 chain gears, etc.

I email and have text capability as well.

Thanks, Boone

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