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My son and I are interested in visiting some different tracks and want to check out CMP. We currently race at GoPro and I'm trying to figure out what we will have to change on our Briggs karts. Looking at results it looks like you have a Briggs Masters, guessing this runs at a higher weight then Briggs Senior (currently at 360, not even close for me). My son (8) runs Briggs cadet, they run at 265 at GoPro (lots of lead). Are Kid Karts able  to run the LO206? My 4 year old twins want to drive next year and that's what I'm leaning toward for them too.

Assume we will need a different set of tires, maybe a different muffler? Any other differences we should know about? Can't find a link to the rules from the site, any help would be much appreciated.

Scott Sawyer

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We have all the same 4cycle classes as Gopro.
If you look at the results page for ths Poweraide series is should give you a full list.
We run WKA Gold cup rules so CIK body if fine. You may have to change the muffler but if you just want to come down for one race they'll probably.let you go.
Personally, I prefer CMP over GoPro not for any great reason Gopro is a beautiful facility. For us, we like CMP because of the people. Good staff that knows karting and it's a relaxed fun family atmosphere.

Bruce Jones

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I couldn't agree with Bruce more.  I live about an hour from each track and CMP is my go-to place.  Much more laid back (but still competitive) family environment.  Parking area has power, most of it is grass so it has more of a park like setting.  It's also really cool when they have track days on the large track and you can watch some Ferraris and other exotics scream by.

As for rules, as Bruce mentioned, pretty much WKA.  Only difference between GoPro and CMP are the mufflers (we run WKA/Briggs spec) and the tires (we run Maxxis on the Briggs).  LO206 Senior is by far one of, if not the most popular class.  Masters has grown a lot as well so we're getting good numbers in both classes.  I'd say Briggs in general is doing well [biggrin] .  

I have seen folks who just wanted to give CMP a shot show up with the GoPro muffler setup... so shouldn't be a big deal if you just want to pack up the karts and run.  I say come on down... you'll definitely enjoy yourself!! [smile]
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