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I am a regular SCCA racer and I've been able to have time on the rental karts a couple of times this season when I've been at CMP.  I've enjoyed it so much that one of my SCCA cars is up for sale so I can get a competitive kart.  One disappointment that I've had is the lack of a central place to "meet" online that folks are actually using.  I've signed up on, but I wish that folks who compete at CMP would be more active on THIS board or if someone would show me where these folks are online.  I'm hoping to get to a track day at CMP soon.  I've been to the WKA Nat at Roebling and I've decided that sprint racing is more what I'm interested in.  With the storage on-site at CMP and the clean-up and nut-and-bolt services offered, it's almost an arrive-and-drive and the cost is hard to beat.  THAT kind of stuff needs to be on the CMP site.  Maybe the kart shop needs it's own link/site?? (hint, hint)
When someone buys one of the two cars we have for sale, you can add two (chronological) adults to your list of competitors as we'll be racing (probably in TaG and/or Rotax Masters).  If you have a kart for sale, I don't have any $ at the moment.  With the market for racecars being what it is, I have no idea of when one of ours might sell.  However, you can bet your sweet bippy that it'll be turned into a competitive kart and we'll be trackside soon. 

Scott Franklin

Racing makes heroin addiction look like a vague longing for something salty - Peter Egan

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i got a competitive kart on the market,  i also race scca.  the interest for cmp karting is growing by the day

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Scott.  I too would like to see more local Kart activity, growth & local info  in the Southeast.  That said, there is not much other than EKN, Bobs Karting forum, (mostly dirt) @  is about it other than the SKC site and WKA.  It would be great to see this forum grow along with, as you suggest a dedicated CMP Kart link.  We look forward to you joining us "chronological" (challenged for me)  adults to INT TAG or TAG Masters.
Joe Foss

Edit: Oh, to bad we didn't hook up @ Roebling.  It was a blast.

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