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I am looking to buy ready to go package or roller suitable for large ( 6foot, 230lb ) adult. Want a reasonably priced fun machine that I can use for local club sprint racing ( in SC/ Ga.)

I really need a flat ( sprint ) frame ... not an offset ( oval frame .) Not too particular about brand/ year of frame? Would prefer a full g-man style body? Finally will the seat , frame ,etc. fit a large ( 6 foot , 230 lb) adult?

Can anybody out there help me in this quest .

Note that I'll be at CMP this Saturday ( spectator ). Please contact me if you have something you might have/ be able to bring to track?

Thanks in advance for your help.


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I don't know if I have talked to you before, but I can let you try to check if you fit in my MGM, though I'm not selling at this moment. Paul Rice and MGM have a wonderful kart for a ver ygood price. When I was looking for a used one I couldn't find anyone selling a used one for a price that was worth compared to the price Paul Rice at MGM offered me, and added to that I got a lot of info and customer support. If you plan on racing at CMP I can help you get a cheap and fast clone engine. I'll be there tomorrow Saturday 13th, just look for the white senior clone #10 MGM. My name is Santiago. I'll be glad to help you. 

Santiago Ruiz de Gopegui
"The Rainman"
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